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Receive a complimentary 50 gram box of shisha with any hookah sale of $75 or more. Choose from any of our delicious flavors.

Hookahs for Sale

We carry various hookah brands including, Khalil Mamoon Hookahs, Candy Land Hookahs, Dream Hookahs, Swan Hookahs, Flamingo Hookahs, and many more.

Al Fakher Tobacco

Al Fakher is a traditional, well known brand based out of Dubai. With a wide selection of flavors, it is perfect for mixing and creating unique flavor combinations.

Hookah Coals

Hookahs need charcoal to give you the taste you desire. The Chicha Shack offers a variety of coals that will complete your smoking experience, from natural lighting to instant lights.


As the E-cigarette has risen in popularity, the next trend to take hold is E-hookahs, or hookah pens. These electronic hookahs are perfect for that on-the-go hookah fix.

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